Simple Exercises To Perform And Get Into Shape

If you want to get into shape, there is no achieving it without proper exercise. For different reasons, people usually want to stay away from exercise as much as possible, or they simply don’t have the time for it. However, regular exercise doesn’t have to be very tedious or too time consuming if done right. You just need to follow some simple exercises and perform them regularly. The results will come sooner than you think.

In this post we want to show you several simple exercises that will start boosting your metabolism and turn you body into fat burning machine. You don’t need complicated equipment for this and you’ll be able to perform them from the comfort of your home, or by simply going outside. A gym membership isn’t necessarily needed contrary to what you may think. Going to the gym is great, but if you don’t have the time for it, there are ways to still get your required exercise in.


You may or may not know this, but walking is a great form of exercise. A 30 minute daily walk around your neighborhood or in a park will actually get you going in the right direction. You don’t even have to jog at first, basic walking will do the trick.

House Work

We all feel we could do a little more housework but likely don’t find the time for it. Instead of going to the gym, you could do some work around the house, whether it’s washing dishes, vacuuming or mopping the floor. All of these activities burn calories and you can perform them without having to leave your home. That’s what we call hitting 2 birds with one stone.


Some weight lifting is always recommended as a quality fitness exercise. Once again, you don’t have to go to the gym for this, you can easily find some basic weights at the store and work out with them 30 minutes per day.

Weightless Training

Of course, you can also do a ton of exercise at home without even touching weights. Push-ups, pull-ups, squats, high knees, jumping jacks, lunges work great. The key is to not overwork yourself as this will lead to a tired body and a tired mind. You don’t need to beat any records, just perform regular exercises a few minutes every day and transform it into a regular routine.

Split Exercises Throughout The Day

The last important piece of advice here is this. If you can’t put one hour aside every day for a little cardio and some of the fitness exercises we mention here, don’t sweat it, you can still perform all of them spread out during the day. Do a brisk walk in the morning to work, perform some aerobics before lunch, maybe some push-ups and pull-ups in the evening. As long as you exercise for one hour, it doesn’t matter if it’s one hour continuously or spread throughout the day in 10-20 minute smaller sessions.

This simple fitness program might not seem ground breaking, but it works. Follow it and the results will start showing, and before you know it, you’ll be addicted to exercising regularly and having a healthier more in shape figure.


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