A Proven Diet Plan That Works

The basics of losing weight are easy enough to understand and are usually known by everyone. Eat healthy foods and burn more calories than you accumulate, and you’ll start losing weight. This might be easier said than done however. A lot of people trying to lose weight but don’t manage to stick to a diet plan. Let’s take a look at some of the basics of a proven diet plan that works.

Set An Initial Goal

Having a goal will instantly set you apart from people who start losing weight without a proper plan in place. Let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds, take a small notebook at use it as your personal weight loss checklist. Write your initial weight loss goal on it, so now you now exactly what to aim for. Then, at the end of each week of implementing your new diet, weigh yourself and update how many pounds you have shed on your notebook. Constantly keep track of how many more pounds you need to reach your target.

Write Down Healthy Foods You Enjoy

A common misconception of dieting is you need to starve yourself to lose weight. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, you have to replace unhealthy foods with healthy nutritious meals that are high in protein and vitamins, and not as high in fats and carbohydrates. On your weight loss notebook, make a list of foods you like from the following list. White meat, red meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, low fat milk, seafood and other high protein foods you can find. Then research into recipes with these ingredients to guarantee you eat delicious and also highly nutritious meals. Avoid deep frying your food, and instead go for grill/roasted/boiled/stir food + salads and smoothies. Write everything down in your notebook to stay organized and easily find your recipes.

More Meals, Smaller Portions

Instead of going for the classic 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, introduce 3 extra meals in between them. You won’t actually be eating more than before, but you’ll be eating smaller meals more regularly. This will enable your body to burn calories easier, and will in turn accelerate weight loss and help maintain your body’s figure once you’ve reached your goal.

Regular Cardio Sessions

If your plan is to lose weight, good nutrition isn’t enough on its own, you have to combine it with regular cardio session. Don’t despair however, we aren’t talking about long sessions on a tedious treadmill. All that it’s needed are 20 minutes per day of cardio, and you can accomplish this by jogging, going on a brisk walk, taking a bike ride and even doing choirs around the house.

With each passing week, make note of your progress in your notebook and you’ll soon start seeing noticeable weight loss results. And because you are tracking your progress it will give you extra motivation to stay on your plan until you reach your goal, and very likely even after. The end result will be great: you’ll slim down, eat better, feel better and will want to keep respecting this simple but powerful plan – it will become your natural way of life. And don’t think you can’t have cheat days once in a while. Even up to 2 days per month is more than ok. The key is to keep eating healthy meals and do cardio regularly.

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